BREAKING NEWS: Alexander sleeps whole night without diper for the first time

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 Old news:
   21/02/2014  Alexander gets
trigger finger surgery
   12/01/2014  Matthieu improves skills in bicycling
   25/02/2013  New ear drum tubes intervention for Alexander
   22/01/2013  Alexander's almost first steps
   15/09/2012  Video clip with Alexander and Fellaini aired on TV and Youtube (CAP48, our site, making of)
   04/09/2012  Alexander quits crèche to attend kindergarten, Matthieu now attends primary school
   19/07/2012  Alexander to appear in CAP 48 video clip with Marouane Fellaini (photos shooting)
   21/04/2012  We have bought a house in Evere, removal in July
   20/11/2011  Matthieu's first piano concert
   29/09/2011  Alexander's cardiac catheterization successful, heart problem resolved
   07/08/2011  Alexander's heart surgery postponed until September
   21/07/2011  Alexander will get heart surgery on August 23
   09/06/2011  Alexander's ear drum intervention appears successful
   15/02/2011  Alexander will have ear drum tubes surgery on June 9
   29/01/2011  Alexander to wear glasses
   30/12/2010  Matthieu slightly injured after being run over by police officer
   07/09/2010  Matthieu's first day at European school causes tears
   30/07/2010  We have bought an appartement in Woluwé-Saint-Lambert, removal on August 10
   15/06/2010  Alexander's first multidisciplinar consultation for Down Syndrome children
   21/04/2010  Matthieu falls and looses tooth, another one hangs loose
   14/04/2010  First day at nursery for Alexander on April 15
   31/12/2009  Alexander has trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome)
   30/11/2009  Alexander is born on sunday, november 29 at 21:48, weighs 3380g, measures 51cm
   19/11/2009  Alexander is due on december 6, can be born any moment now
   08/09/2009  Matthieu quits crèche to attend kindergarten
   25/08/2009  Motus: Myriam & Renée don't make it to final. Broadcast date: September 17 at 10:45 France 2
   25/06/2009  We expect another baby! Nous attendons un autre bébé ! We verwachten weer een baby!
   15/05/2009  Myriam breaks her wrist, will have her arm in plaster until the end of June (photo 1, photo 2)
   15/11/2008  Myriam and Aunt Renée to participate in France 2 TV-game 'Motus'
   01/09/2008  Unfortunately, we have lost the baby in the 13th week of pregnancy
   08/08/2008  Myriam is pregnant! Myriam est enceinte ! Myriam is zwanger!
   01/07/2008  'Erik & Myriam's Homepage' now on own domain (still under construction)
   27/11/2007  Our house in Henripont has officially been sold
   06/10/2007  We have moved to Brussels
   01/08/2007  We're going to move back to Brussels, our house in Henripont is for sale
   23/05/2007  Matthieu gets rid of conjunctivitis on his own,
probing of lacrimal sac no longer needed
   20/03/2007  Calypso passed away at the age of 18
   18/09/2006  Matthieu is born on sunday, september 17 at 2:45, weighs 4080g, measures 54cm
   10/09/2006  Matthieu is due on september 20, can be born any moment now
   14/04/2006  We expect a baby! Nous attendons un bébé ! We verwachten een baby!



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